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Dr Dharmendra Singh Assistant Professor
Dr Amit Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr Bhaskar Singh Assistant Professor
Dr S K Samdarshi Professor
Prof Sarang Medhekar Professor
Prof Arvind Chandra  Pandey Professor
Dr Rajakishore Mishra Assistant Professor
Dr Kuldeep Bauddh Assistant Professor
Dr Partha Ghosh Assistant Professor


Towards a sustainable approach for development of ...

Author: Bhaskar Singh ., Abhishek Guldhe ., Ismail Rawat ., Faizal Bux .,

Advances in synthesis of biodiesel via enzyme cata...

Author: Abhishek Guldhe ., Bhaskar Singh ., Taurai Mutanda ., Kugen Permaul ., Faizal Bux .,

Efficacy of drying and cell disruption techniques ...

Author: Abhishek Guldhe ., Bhaskar Singh ., Ismail Rawat ., Krishan Ramluckan ., Faizal Bux .,

Modeling of daily pan evaporation in sub tropical ...

Author: Goyal, Manish Kumar;Bharti, Birendra;Quilty, John;Adamowski, Jan;Pandey, Ashish

DNA barcoding: An efficient tool to overcome authe...

Author: Mishra, Priyanka;Kumar, Amit;Nagireddy, Akshitha;Mani, Daya N.;Shukla, Ashutosh K.;Tiwari, Rakesh;Sundaresan, Velusamy

Influence of Al3ion concentration on th...

Author: Lawrence Kumar ., Manoranjan Kar .,

Development of new alginate entrapped Fe(III)-Zr(I...

Author: Swaina, S. K.;Patnaik, Tanushree;Patnaik, P. C.;Jha, Usha;Dey, R. K.

Performance and emission analysis of blends of was...

Author: Kumar, Sachin;Prakash, R.;Murugan, S.;Singh, R. K.