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Dr Rabindranath Sarma

Professor Folkloristics, Tribal Folklife, Applied Folklore a... View Profile

Dr Rabindranath Sarma

Associate Professor Area of interests is: Folklore, Cultural Studies, ... View Profile

Dr Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri

Associate Professor Gender,Culture and Indigenous Knowledge System... View Profile

Dr M. Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor Sangam Age Life - Nature Worship among the Dravidi... View Profile

Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar

Assistant Professor Multilingualism, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics,... View Profile

Dr Rajanikant Pandey

Assistant Professor Anthropology of Ecology (Extractive Resources, Cor... View Profile

Dr T. Neishoning Koireng

Assistant Professor Cultural studies... View Profile

Dr Sujit Kumar Choudhary

Assistant Professor Sociology of Education, Sociological Thinkers and ... View Profile

Dr Tulasi Das Majhi

Assistant Professor Endangered and lesser known languages, Language ty... View Profile

Dr Seema Mamta Minz

Assistant Professor Archaeology, Ethno-archaeology, Indian Culture and... View Profile